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Say goodbye to the inconvenience of long lines, long waits, and long days.
Let parents and relatives order tickets from the comfort of their own homes!

With Dance Studios can offer seats to Parents, Students, Friends, & Relatives on
the internet. Our website is specifically designed to provide an easy online method of reserving seats for
Dance Recitals and Holiday Shows through web-enabled devices including tablets & smart phones.

Custom setups specifically designed for your studio:
Reservation Only (for “in studio” payment); or Reservation & Online Payment;
and for either - YOUR Hard Tickets or OUR E-Tickets w/QR Code to scan.

We created a sample Reservation System so you can see how it works. Just click the "See Sample" link on the left.
Viewing Our Sample - By registering with your email address and choosing the payment method “Cash/Check,” you can go through the entire process (no payments taken). You will receive a confirmation invoice via email and see sample E-Tickets via the red button or the link on your emailed confirmation invoice (E-Tickets would only be available to you if you choose to use the E-Ticket feature).
You can choose E-Tickets OR continue with the tickets you have always used, there is no need to change the way you acquire or distribute them. You can mail or hand out the tickets based on the reservations made online. Collecting the ticket money can be done via credit cards online or by an invoice emailed to the purchaser instructing payments to go directly to you, enabling ticket pick up and payment during class.
For those who are interested in the E-Ticket feature, our E-Tickets contain a QR code (square barcode) that can be scanned by a device or even with your smartphone. E-Tickets can also have an area to display ads/coupons that you can sell for extra revenue.

Studios have their own studio control panel where they have access to Users, Orders and Reports listing Sales, Seats, and Purchaser Information.

Included Options
Discount Codes – have the ability to give specific groups free tickets or offer certain tickets at a discount.
Exclusive Codes – allow limits on shows, rows, dates & times, use, and ticket quantity per use. By limiting ticket reservations to “code holders” only, you can encourage payment of outstanding balances before giving the capability to reserve tickets.

(For our sample seating chart we made a public “Discount” code equal to 1 free ticket. Once you register, the code “tixcoupon” will enable you to make a sample purchase and receive a confirmation email).

Each dance studio has a direct link to its own exclusive ticket reservation area. Your studio website and emails can contain that link.
Our only charge is a per ticket Convenience Fee, which is paid by the ticket purchaser unless otherwise requested. Multiple shows are easy and welcome.

Click here to see a sample auditorium and demo our Reservation System.

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